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Country Homes is an audacious initiative of Sart Partners Limited, a Lagos-based alternative investment management firm, with a vision of elevating the quality, availability and affordability of urban infrastructure in Nigeria. This vision provides the platform upon which we intend to build the dream homes of millions of Nigerians by meeting the growing need for housing within functional and master-planned urban ecosystems.

Country Homes is taking a differentiated and integrated approach in developing new cities in Nigeria, enabling low income and rising middle class population secure high quality title and property right within a planned environment with essential infrastructure that supports functional and total lifestyle such as commerce, health care, logistics, sport, neighborhood retail chain and utilities.

Our Projects are natural progression and growth frontiers of existing infrastructure-deficient and crowded urban centers. This proximity provides a locational advantage that ensures rapid urbanization of our new cities while providing a rare opportunity to decongest existing crowded urban centers that groan under decayed infrastructure.