“The privilege of advising others is equal to the responsibility of using it yourself”  John Maeda
Sart Partners’ current portfolio of companies cuts across diverse sectors from consumer goods to energy to real estate. All our companies are privately held and are being matured to take full advantage of their scalability and market growth potential. Each company profiled below is set out to meet a specific need in its market niche and is currently operational and revenue generating. We are building a wave of transformative companies (SartB30 Portfolio) that will be value generators in the next decades.

Country Homes

Country Homes is an audacious initiative of Sart Partners Limited, a Lagos-based alternative investment management firm, with a vision of elevating the quality, availability and affordability of urban infrastructure in Nigeria. This vision provides the platform upon which we intend to build the dream homes of millions of Nigerians by meeting the growing need for...
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Sart Advisory

Sart Advisory is an independent financial advisor providing strategic and business advisory services to corporate and government clients. Sart has provided leadership to it clients in key areas covering corporate restructuring, optimal capital structure, market leadership, acquisition and divestment, growth and funding strategies,  services to corporate and government clients. Industry coverage where we have sector...
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Sart – Ardor JV

Sart-Ardor JV is a joint venture between Sart Partners Limited and Ardor Oil & Gas Limited. The Joint Venture operates as an energy and commodity trading entity and provides a working platform for Sart to gain direct exposure to the population-driven market opportunity in Nigeria’s downstream oil & gas space. Supported by an owner-oriented management...
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Route2Market (R2M) Limited is a full service distributor of global consumer brands including Kellogg’s and P&G. R2M was conceived with the vision of organising the distribution value chain in the FMCG space by meeting the critical need of connecting manufacturers with retail floors in the most cost-efficient structure. R2M currently operates from 2 distribution centers...
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